The Beginning

Native Prime was founded in 2011 by four local companies offering monolingual localization into French, Italian, German and Spanish.

We combined our years of experience in the game market as single language providers working with major publishers as well as indie developers and brought them into the Native Prime brand. This strategy allowed us to keep on focusing on each country’s language as a monolingual vendor to ensure a deep connection with the local gaming community – while providing a centralized multilingual management for the client and sharing resources and development.

A Successful Model

This network of local teams proved to be a real success and Native Prime continued to expand with similar companies as partners, building an established family of what we consider the best game localization companies from across the globe.

Today we provide comprehensive localization services from text translation to audio recordings and linguistic testing in more than 20 languages, on-site.

The Native Touch

Native Prime is a company made by people, this is why we put the focus on the human part of the business. We are united by a common passion for games, languages and cultures. We measure our success by the way we touch gamers, clients and our collaborators’ lives.