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We have been working on all Rovio games for over 6 years now, translating and adapting all sorts of documents, from in-game texts to marketing material: notifications, push messages, e-store descriptions. We provide localization into a set base of 11 languages, and occasionally translate into other minority languages, such as Malay or Vietnamese.

Rovio games are always fun and challenging to localize, because they are full of puns and cultural references. Being mobile games, character restrictions are always an issue and we strive to fit our translations into the space allocated, conveying the same message and without losing nuances.

Client Quotes & Mentions

Mentions “We are using Native Prime for our localization needs, which are mostly in-game text and marketing materials. Throughout our years of collaboration, what has stricken me the most working with Native Prime is their flexibility.”
Elise Lemarie
Director of Operations, Rovio
Mentions “Working in games, there are always last-minute changes, requests, rushed delivery times. Native Prime has always delivered. The fact that we have a dedicated PM, available through email, Skype and phone is also a big plus, as it means that they are always reachable.”
Elise Lemarie
Director of Operations, Rovio