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Vincent Percevault

Native Prime France

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Vincent is an entrepreneur & game audio veteran. After a post master degree in sound design for games at the French national school of video games, he started his career at Cyanide Studio. Following the growing of the studio and the different responsabilities he got (from audio to localisation management), he founded in 2008 Game Audio Factory.The group now called G4F, with five divisions and subsidaries (Prod, Records, Talents, SFX, and of course Localisation) is one of european leader in sound production for games. Meeting his peers of Native Prime back in 2010 was a great opportunity to develop a global solution for multilingual localisation, with a local approach: he is the French co-founder of Native Prime. Beeing stronger together is one of the core value of Native Prime, and sharing knowledge and good pratices is the other pillar of the group. This is why Vincent is also highly involved in the educationnal segment, beeing Head of Sound Department at the ENJMIN, and organising audio workshop & conferences in many schools and game events all around Europe.